League of Legends Game Winning Champions
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League of Legends Game Winning Champions

League of Legends, one of the popular games of Riot Games, has many alternatives for players to win the game. One of these ways is for players to choose a winning champion. Here are the winning champions in League of Legends.

In League of Legends, if you want to increase the win rates in ranked matches and win the game in a short time, it is useful to choose these champions. As it is known, there are 155 champions that can be played in the League of Legends game at the moment. Choosing the right champion is of great importance in order to climb the ranked ladder. If you want to increase your win rate and increase in the game, you can choose the champions with high win rates below.

Upper Corridor – Yorick

Yorick, who received significant reinforcements with the latest League of Legends updates, is currently one of the strongest champions in the top lane. The champion, who currently has the highest win rate of 52.72 percent with a 2.5 percent selection rate and a 1.8 percent ban rate, is slowly starting to attract attention from the players. Although it does not have the best teamfight effect like other champions in League of Legends, it is one of the best lane pushing champions in the game.

Forest – Amumu

One of the most important ways to win in League of Legends is to choose a good forest. Amumu is one of the champions with the highest win rate, with a 52.70 percent pick rate of 3.7 percent and a 1% ban rate.

Mid Lane – Kayle

Kayle manages to make her mark among the strongest champions in the game, who can turn the tides after a team fight when she is well fed. The champion currently has a pick rate of 0.8 percent and a ban rate of 1.1 percent, with the highest win rate at 53.71 percent.

Alt Corridor – Swain

While many League of Legends players don’t think this champion is a good choice for the bottom lane, this is actually not the case. Swain is one of the key champions that does best as a bottom laner rather than an AD carry or buff. The champion that currently has a 54.26% win rate with a 0.6 percent pick rate and a 5.0 percent ban rate is one of the champions you need to get to win your game.

Support – Zyra

Zyra, who is among the most annoying support champions to encounter in the bottom lane in League of Legends, can easily crush her opponents. You can easily win the game with the champion, which currently has a 5.1 percent pick rate and a 2.7 percent ban rate, and a 52.82 percent win rate.

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