League Of Legends 11.11 Update Notes Released
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League Of Legends 11.11 Update Notes Released

League of Legends 11.11 update notes, which is among the popular games, have been published. Here’s what comes with the new update.

The 11.11 update notes of the League of Legends game, one of the popular games of Riot Games, have been published.

While many champions’ abilities were updated in the update notes prepared by mom cat and Shio Shoujo from the Riot Game team, 4 different items also took their share from this update.

League of Legends 11.11 update notes the item also gets its share from the update. League of Legends 11.11 update notes include item and champion updates, bug fixes, in-game shop tweaks, ranked edits, and upcoming skins and color options.

What Does League of Legends 11.11 Update Notes Contain?

In the new update, the power of champions such as Urgot and Rumble, which has a significant impact on the progress of the game, is reduced, while some champions such as Azir, Ryze, and Ezreal are strengthened. With the update, some items such as Snaketooth and Revitalizing Moonstone are changed.

League of Legends 11.11 Update Notes



Q cost decreased.

Q – Conqueror of the Sands

Bedel 70 Mana ⇒ 55 Mana


Spider Form’s hit damage ratio decreased.

Q – Passive – Spider Queen

Spider Form Hit Damage Rate 30% AP ⇒ 20% AP


Base health regen growth rate and armor increased.

Base qualifications

Health Regen Growth 0.55 ⇒ 0.65

Armor 22 ⇒ 24


Base qualifications

AD Growth Rate 3 ⇒ 4


Q bonus attack damage damage ratio increased. E damage ratio increased.

Q – Galeyan

Damage Rate 70% bonus AD ⇒ 75% bonus AD

E – Devastating Attack

50% Bonus AD ⇒ 55% Bonus AD

100% bonus AD ⇒ 110% bonus AD

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E’s cooldown increased.

E – Storm

Cooldown 8 seconds ⇒ 9 seconds


W base damage decreased.

W – Eclipse

Base Damage: 60/95/130/165/200 ⇒ 45/80/115/150/185

Master Yi

Q damage ratio decreased.

Q – Alpha Strike

Damage Rate: 100% AD ⇒ 90% AD

E – Wuju Styles

Base Damage 20/30/40/50/60 ⇒ 30/40/50/60/70


W damage to non-epic monsters decreased.

W – Shadow of Cruelty

%185 ⇒ %155


E now deals more damage to monsters.

E – Tide

Tide now deals 150% more damage to monsters.


W bonus movement speed decreased.

W – Ruler of the Land

Bonus Movement Speed ​​5/7/9/11/13% ⇒ 3/5/7/9/11%


Passive hit damage cap against monsters decreased.

Passive – Junkyard Giant

120 ⇒ 80


Base health growth increased.

Base attributes

Health Growth Rate 98 ⇒ 110


Passive bonus attack range decreased. Q now scales with lethality. E now grants ability power while camouflaged. R damage ratio increased.

Passive – Forgiveness

Bonus Attack Range per 20 Fog Charge 25 ⇒ 20

Breaking Dark’s healing now scales for 160% of lethality.

E – Curse of the Black Mist

Bonus Movement Speed ​​20% ⇒ 20% (+ 1% per 20 AP)

R – Dawn of Shadows

Damage Rate 50% AP ⇒ 70% AP


W shield increased for himself and his allies.

W – Ses’s Advice

1-18. at levels 75-150 ⇒ 1-18. at levels 75-225

1-18. at levels 50-100 ⇒ 1-18. at levels 50-150


W damage ratio decreased. E ability power damage ratio decreased.

W – Jack in the Box

Damage Rate 10% AP (20% AP vs single target) ⇒ 9% AP (18% vs single target)

E – Double Poison Knife

AP Damage Rate 55% ⇒ 50%


E’s cooldown is no longer fixed.

E – Hold it

Cooldown 10 seconds ⇒ 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds


W cooldown decreased.

W – Serial Step

Cooldown 17 seconds ⇒ 14 seconds


Adjusted damage ratio of W decreased at later ranks.

W – İmha

%20/24/28/32/36 SG ⇒ %20/23,5/27/30,5/34 %SG


Barbed Vest

Armor 35 ⇒ 30

REMOVED: Barbed Vest’s reflected damage no longer scales with bonus armor.

Warmog’s Armor

Minimum Health Requirement: 3000 Maximum Health ⇒ 1100 Bonus Health

Armor of the Chief Warden

0.5% max health ⇒ 5 + 0.35% max health

Now shows how much damage the Like Rock effect blocks.

Randuin’in Alameti

Rocky Damage Reduction: 0.5% max health ⇒ 5 + 0.35% max health

Frozen Heart

0.5% max health ⇒ 7 + 0.35% max health

Winter Sinister Attack Speed ​​Reduction 15% ⇒ 20%

Uplifting Moonstone

Starlight’s Heal and Shield Strength Per Second 4%, max 20% ⇒ 6%, max 30%

Kara Balta

KeS Armor Reduction Per Charge 4%, 24% 5% at 6 stacks max, 30% at 6 stacks max


10% target’s max health ⇒ 12% target’s max health

SIZE HEALING 50% for melee || 30% for Ranged ⇒ 65% for Melee || 40% for Ranged

Icefire Gloves

Carb Slow for Ranged Users 25% (+4% per 1000 Max Health) ⇒ 12.5% ​​(+2% per 1000 Max Health)

Cooldown 4 seconds ⇒ 6 seconds

Akan Su Asası

Provides AP to Teammates with 20-40 AP for 4 seconds depending on the target’s level ⇒ 25-45 AP for 4 seconds depending on the target’s level

Snake Tooth

Ranged Users Shield Reduction 25% ⇒ 35%

In-Game Store Updates

Recipes have been updated to both highlight the last item (they’re now bigger) and display longer recipes (Ornn on your eyes).

Special magnificent active frames have been added to the magnificent items with assets so that they can be distinguished from normal items with assets.

Glorious item frames now appear on the leaderboard. So now you will be able to understand more easily why Jhin was kicked out.

Drop-down menus of recipes are now smarter and can change size depending on their ingredients.

If you enter the game with Smash, the Cobweb and Doluccane now appear in the Starting Items section of the support tab (forgive us, Ivern!).

Fixed Bugs

Ahri’s E – Tempt Kiss no longer causes jungle monsters to regen when used while out of combat.

Base Karma’s Q and E VFX have been updated and highlighted.

Attacking Hextech Malzahar or Despot Swain will now trigger more metallic sounds.

Fixed an issue where the sound effects at the beginning of the ability were inaudible when using Malzahar’s Q – Void’s Call through Fog of War.

Fixed an issue where the target was unable to hear whisper sounds or soul sucking sounds when the Crystal Rose Swain R – began absorbing the target’s soul using the ability of Demon Fire.

When the shop was opened, the lines that were played for champions and skins were reactivated.

Taliyah’s line to close the shop has been changed to the line to open the shop.

Lux’s R – Last Sparkle’s line is now replayed.

Fixed a bug where Xin Zhao’s E – Heart Attack was attempting to be cast on an opponent outside its range and then re-used without a target, causing the ability to cooldown and spend mana even if the ability did not activate.

Rammus’s R – Sharp Shot no longer immediately deals damage when cast from the bottom of the target.

Alistar’s Q – Crumble no longer grants a Passive – Cry of Glory stack when cast on an enemy with a spell shield.

Kassadin can no longer trigger Electrify when his two distinct attacks only hit a single champion.

Coming Soon Costumes and Colors

KOD ADI: Sejuani

ADI CODE: Mordekaiser

ADI CODE: Renecton

KOD ADI: Senna


CODE NAME: Sylas Prestij Series

KOD ADI: Varus

You can reach more details for League Of Legends 11.11 Patch Notes by clicking this link.

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