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Last Week’s Most Watched Twitch Channels Announced

Stream Charts announced the most watched Twitch channels of the week we left behind. Here are the channels most watched by Twitch viewers in the past week.

The most watched Twitch channels of the past week were shared by Stream Charts. With this sharing, the most watched broadcasters of the last week were also announced. Here are the Twitch channels with the most views in the past week.

  1. xQcOW – 4,497,568 hours watched
  2. Gaules – 4,268,045 hours watched
  3. Asmongold – 3,592,886 hours watched
  4. StarLadder5 – 2,800,376 hours watched
  5. Trainwreckstv – 2,340,988 hours watched
  6. GamesDoneQuick – 2,212,556 hours watched
  7. BeyondTheSummit – 2,124,073 hours watched
  8. LCK_Korea – 2,013,953 hours watched
  9. Pestily – 1,966,877 hours watched
  10. 10.fps_shaka – 1,818,328 hours watched

When we consider the duration of the Twitch channels, we see that the “Gaules” channel, which is in the second place with a period of 166 hours and 5 minutes, is the first. “Asmongold” channel, which has the least duration with its 42-hour broadcast, is among the most watched channels with this broadcast.

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