Jahrein Announces Independent Candidate for 2023 Elections
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Jahrein Announces Independent Candidate for 2023 Elections

Jahrein announced that he would run for independent candidacy in the 2023 elections. How to proceed if Jahrein is chosen

Jahrein announced that he would run for independent candidacy in the 2023 elections. He also explained how he would follow if Jahrein was elected.

Turkey’s Ahmet Twitchen, one of the prominent names “Jahre’s” The result was an important statement on recent publications. One of the important statements made by Jahrein in his latest publication was that he would be an independent candidate for parliament for the 2023 general election.

It should also get the social media accounts as well as in the publications from the beginning of the world and Turkey Ahmet publisher unreservedly expressed their thoughts on the agenda, “Jahren’s” The result, Monday, April 12 He made very talkative statements in the broadcast he opened the day.

In response to a question from a viewer during his broadcast, he said, “By the way, I am already telling you that I will stand as an independent candidate in the 2023 elections. You will not vote, you will believe me, you will trust me, you will not trust it, it is your appreciation. I know some will make fun of it, but we are tired of the old dinosaurs who did not realize that the world has changed. ” Ahmet “Jahrein” in his statement. The result has announced his candidacy with this statement.

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In the continuation of his statement, the famous actor Dwayne Johnson wanted to be president by the American people and gave the example of the president of Ukraine who is a comedian and actor, Jahrein said, “It is not possible for old old people to understand your wishes, the future of the world, etc.”

Jahrein Announces Independent Candidate for 2023 Elections

Successful Twitch publisher Jahre’s stated that should the politics of rejuvenation for the future of Turkey, “I’ll put my candidacy for hope in this election, I would lawmaker and that it does not matter to me I want him to change some things to show that originally my purpose in the political arena in Turkey.” made the explanation. Jahra also guarantee that the vote by political partisanship in Turkey, now voiced tingles the nose of the people of business people with money and influence.

Your audience says, “Tell me, then why should we vote your projects?” Jahrein said, “Brother, I will go out on every subject and talk on that podium, I will go into the depths of every subject I will investigate and say whatever is necessary on that podium. Any subject that interests you. ” gave the answer.

Here is the last publication in which Ahmet “Jahrein” spoke about the Result’s nomination. Jahrein’s Twitter address to this link you can reach by clicking.

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