How to Get PUBG Mobile Rename Card?
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How to Get PUBG Mobile Rename Card?

How to get a name change card in PUBG, the first game that comes to mind when Battle Royale is mentioned? Here’s everything about the PUBG renaming card.

As it is known, PUBG managed to change the Battle Royale game genre on the day it was released and has carried this success to mobile platforms with the PUBG Mobile game. One of the most curious things in PUBG Mobile, which has millions of active players, is undoubtedly the question of how to get the name change card.

Despite the large number of users in PUBG Mobile, the mobile version of PUBG, the most played battle royale game in the world, the players do not know much about the general features of the game. PUBG Mobile “Name Change Card” is one of these features. If you are playing PUBG Mobile and you need to change your name, you can change your name by buying this card.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Rename Card?

In order to purchase the PUBG Mobile rename card, your game version must be 0.4. If you have an older game version, you can buy this card by updating your game. After updating your game, you can purchase the PUBG Mobile renaming card from the “Events” page or through the “Update Rewards” and add it to your inventory. After receiving the card, you can change your PUBG Mobile name using the card through the inventory and continue the game with your new name.

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