How to Change Riot Games Username?
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How to Change Riot Games Username?

The popular game maker Riot Games has many games. So how to change the Riot Games username?

The popular game maker Riot Games has many games. So how to change the Riot Games username?

League of Legends, VALORANT and Legends of Runeterra Riot Games, which has made popular games such as, has been loved more by the players in recent years. Riot Games, the producer of the League of Legends game, which has been the basis of esports for years, now strengthens its presence in this sector with the VALORANT game. Riot Games, which constantly keeps its games up to date, makes its games more popular with the important innovations it brings to its games.

Riot Games, which has gained a successful momentum especially with the release of the FPS type game VALORANT, continues to maintain this success with the right strategies it follows. Riot Games continues its tournaments even though we are currently in the pandemic period, in this sense, VALORANT continues its League of Legends, Teamfight Tacticts and Legends of Runeterra tournaments. In this sense, Riot Games continues to lead the esports industry with Valve.


One of the biggest problems faced by Riot Games players, one of the rooted companies in the history of the game, is user names. Users initially just want to leave the username they chose to play the game after they liked the games. In this article, we will explain how you can change your username.

How to Change Riot Games Username?

Most Riot Games Like the player playing the game, you may not like the username you use in Riot Games games. This could be because you opened your account at a very old date or you can think of a better name. You can change your Riot Games name in a few simple steps.

  • To change the username you use to enter any Riot Games game, first log in to your account by clicking this link.
  • Click on “Change Username Anyway (Not Required)” from the window that opens.
  • Enter the username you want to use when entering the game and click the ok option below.
  • After successfully performing all these operations, you will have successfully changed your username.
  • You can login to Riot Games games with your new username and you can now use this name in your games.

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