HLTV Shares June 2021 CS:GO Team Rankings
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HLTV Shares June 2021 CS:GO Team Rankings

CS:GO best teams of June were shared. Teams like ENCE, Evil Geniuses and K23 made great progress in the shared roster.

HLTV listed the world’s 30 best CS:GO teams in June, as it does every month. Although the top two places did not change in the ranking prepared by HLTV in June 2021, teams such as NIP, ENCE, Evil Geniuses and K23 made great progress.

In the list published in June, the Gambit team took the first place in the list, while the Ukrainian rival Natus Vincere team took the second place in the list. The G2 team moved up one place to the third place, while the NIP moved up five places, taking its place at the fifth place on the list.

The BIG team, in which the successful Turkish CS:GO player İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş competed, fell three places this month and found himself in the tenth place.

HLTV June 2021 CS:GO team standings

  1. Gambit
  2. Born to win
  3. G2
  4. Heroic
  5. NIP
  6. Virtus.pro
  7. mousesports
  8. Astralis
  9. Vitality
  10. 10.BIG
  11. 11 FURY
  12. 12.Complexity
  13. 13.OG
  14. 14.Spirit
  15. 15.Liquid
  16. 16.Entropiq
  17. 17.strengths
  18. 18.Extra Salt
  19. 19.FunPlus Phoenix
  20. 20.ENCE
  21. 21.Evil Geniuses
  22. 22.Fiend
  23. 23. Akuma
  24. 24.DAMAGE
  25. 25.K23
  26. 26.AGO
  27. 27.DBL PONEY
  28. 28.Sinners
  29. 29.Endpoint
  30. 30.THE PLAN

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