Highly Anticipated Battlefield 6 Trailer Leaked
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Highly Anticipated Battlefield 6 Trailer Leaked

The highly anticipated Battlefield 6 trailer, published by Electronic Arts, has been leaked. Here is the leaked trailer.

New details about Battlefield 6, the last game of the Battlefield series, one of the successful FPS games of Electronic Arts, the beloved game studio that has created many games loved by game lovers, continue to emerge. The entire announcement trailer of Battlefield’s new game Battlefield 6 has been leaked.

As is known, various images have been leaked from the trailer of the Battlefield 6 game recently. Today, the entire trailer was leaked. Although it is very unlikely that the trailer claimed to belong to the Battlefield 6 game is fake, we can say that it is most likely not fake. As it was leaked before, although 2WEI’s Run Baby Run song is playing in the trailer, the resolution of the trailer is low and the black band appears again.

Leaked Trailer of Battlefield 6

The Battlefield 6 game will be officially announced in June 2021. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC platforms later this year. According to the statement made by Electronic Arts, the Battlefield 6 game will meet the players as the biggest game of Battlefield so far.

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