GTA V Turkish Patch Installation
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GTA V Turkish Patch Installation

We are here with the Turkish patch installation guide of the GTA V game, which is one of the most popular games in the game world. Here is the GTA V Turkish patch installation.

Although many years have passed since the sale of the GTA V game, which Rockstar Games put on sale 8 years ago, it continues to be at the top of the list of best-selling games. You can find the installation guide of the Turkish patch of the GTA V game, which has a large player base, in this article.

Before moving on to how to install the Turkish patch of the GTA V game, it is useful to talk about the content and the producer of the game’s patch. TechnoGame The Turkish patch package prepared by the team translates all text and speech-based scenes that you may encounter in the game. You can check out the full content of the patch below.

GTA V Turkish Patch Content

  • Main tasks

  • side quests

  • random events

  • off-duty phone calls

  • Character transition events

  • Random people talking on the street

  • All SMS messages

  • All mails

  • Text-based websites

  • Therapist departments

  • motion pictures

  • TV programs

  • menu

  • director mode

  • Video modu

  • Activity menus

  • The menus of the shops that can be entered

  • achievements

  • Vinewood tour by tour bus

Rockstar Games’ GTA V game has sold over 135 million copies since its release. With a total revenue of over $6 billion, the game, on the other hand, remains popular with GTA Online.

GTA V Turkish Patch Installation Guide

Step 1: First to this link Click to download the Open IV program and install it on your computer.

Step 2: After running the program, you will see games where you can install language patches. Select the Windows version of GTA 5 from here.

Step 3: Select the directory where your GTA V game is installed and press next.

Step 4: In the drop-down list, come to the “Tools” tab and click on the “ASI Manager” option.

Step 5 : In the window that opens “BUT Loader” and “OpenIV.ASI” for “Install” Click to install both.

Step 6: ASI Manager’deki “Tool” from the menu “Package Installer” Click .

Step 7: you have downloaded “.Oiv” after selecting the patch file with the extension “Install”Click a. Next “mods” Press the folder option and start the installation.

Step 8: Installation will take a few minutes. After the installation is complete, without any additional adjustments. GTA 5 Turkish patch You can start to experience the game with.

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