GTA 5's Next Generation Consoles Date Announced
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GTA 5’s Next Generation Consoles Date Announced

The date that GTA 5, which has not aged for years, will be released for the new generation consoles has been announced.

The date that Grand Theft Auto V, one of the world’s biggest games made by Rockstar Games, one of the game developers loved by game lovers, will be released for the next generation game consoles has been announced.

GTA V Comes to New Generation Consoles on November 11

Rockstar Games recently announced when GTA V, one of its popular games, will come to the next generation game consoles. In the statement made, GTA V will be released on November 11, 2021 for the new generation game consoles. In addition, GTA Online will be offered independently to PlayStation 5 owners for 3 months after November 11, 2021. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to request 1,000,000 in-game currency requests each month from now until November.

The upcoming version of GTA V for next-generation game consoles will come with technical improvements, visual upgrades and significant performance improvements. Rockstar Games also announced on October 22 that they had a surprise for the 20th anniversary of GTA 3. Rockstar Games has not announced what the GTA 3 gifts will be. Rockstar Games also announced that these gifts will concern Grand Theft Auto Online games.

We are in the 8th year of the GTA V game, which has not worn out for years, and with the new version that will be released on November 11, the GTA V game will have made its debut for three generations of game consoles.

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