GTA 5 All Radio Stations
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GTA 5 All Radio Stations

We have listed for you the list of all the radio stations of the Grand Theft Auto V game, which Rockstar Games has not worn for years.

One of the most interesting points of the GTA 5 game is that there are numerous radio stations. GTA V is the game with the most radios in the entire GTA series.

In the GTA V game, where there is a radio station suitable for each player’s musical taste, the complete list of radio stations is curious.

Full List of GTA V Radio Stations

Radio Los Santos – Hip Hop

Space 103.2 – Funk

West Coast Classics – ’80s/’90s West Coast Hip Hop

Rebel Radio – Country, Southern Rock

Los Santos Rock Radio – Rock, Pop Rock, Hard Rock

The Lowdown 91.1 – Classic Soul

Blue Ark – Reggae, Dancehall, Dub

Non-Stop-Pop FM – Pop, R&B, Dance-pop, Eurodance, Synthpop

East Los FM – Mexican Electronica, Traditional Mexican, Hip Hop, Rock, Ska

WorldWide FM – Chillwave, Jazz-Funk, World

Channel X – Punk Rock

Radio Mirror Park – Indie

Vinewood Boulevard Radio – Alternative Rock

Soulwax FM – Techno, Acid techno, Acid house, Electro House

FlyLo FM – IDM, Experimental Electronic

Blaine County Talk Radio – Talk Radio (Sadece Blaine County Konumunda).

WCTR – Talk Radio (Los Santos Location Only)

The Lab – Hip Hop, Synthpop, Dancehall, Rock

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