GeForce Now By Game+ Price Discounted
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GeForce Now By Game+ Price Discounted

The price of GeForce Now By Game+, the Turkey service of GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service, has been discounted.

As it is known, the Nvidia cloud-based game streaming service GeForce Now service was launched in Turkey in the past months under the name GeForce Now by Game+. The price of this service, which was put into service at an excessive price in our country, was reduced.

As it is known, the service had a subscription option that was free for a while and was 75 TL per month. According to a recent statement, the service’s three-month subscription campaign is returning. The price of the three-month subscription option of the service was announced as 179.70 TL. With this price, the monthly price of the service comes to 59.90 TL per month instead of 75 TL. The real beauty of the launched campaign is that users who subscribe at the three-month campaign price will be able to renew with this subscription price at the end of their subscription. You can access the packages option of Nvidia GeForce Now By Game+ service by clicking this link.

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