GeForce Now by Game+ Gives New Members Steam Codes
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GeForce Now by Game+ Gives New Members Steam Codes

GeForce Now by Game+, the Turkish service of GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service, has launched a new campaign. Here are all the details of the campaign.

GeForce Now service, which enables games to be played remotely from a computer, was made available in our country with the partnership of Game+. With the announcement made a short time ago, the Game+ service launched a new campaign.

As it is known, GeForce Now by Game+ launched a new campaign last week and within the scope of this campaign, a discount was made in the 3-month Premium subscription price. In addition to this discount, it has now been announced that the Steam code will be given as a gift to users who are new subscribers to the service. The 3-month price of GeForce Now by Game+ Premium is currently 179.70 TL, which corresponds to a monthly price of 60 TL. Users who purchase this membership will also be given a 50 TL Steam Wallet Code.

If you buy a 1-month Premium membership within the scope of the campaign, the price of the service is 75 TL, and in this case, players can have a Steam Wallet Code of 20 TL. The deadline for the campaign was announced as 8 July.

Game+’ Steam Wallet Code Gift for First-Time Subscribers

The campaign is valid between 16:00 on Thursday, July 1st and 23:59 on Thursday, July 8th.

  • You can earn 50 TL worth of Steam Wallet Code for a 3-Month Premium subscription of 179.7 TL and a Steam Wallet Code worth 20 TL for a monthly Premium subscription of 74.9 TL.
  • The offer is limited to the first 5,000 premium subscribers from the start of the campaign.
  • The Steam Wallet code you earn in exchange for a premium subscription will be sent to your GAME+ email address within 7 working days at the latest.
  • If GAMEPLUS deems necessary, it may change the campaign conditions and terminate the campaign earlier.
  • Everyone participating in this campaign is deemed to have accepted the above conditions.

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