Fortnite Horizon Zero Dawn costume revealed
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Fortnite Horizon Zero Dawn costume revealed

The Fortnite Horizon Zero Dawn costume has been leaked. Here is the Horizon Zero Dawn costume, which will come to the Fortnite game.

The Fortnite Horizon Zero Dawn costume has been leaked. Here are all the details about the Horizon Zero Dawn costume that will come to the Fortnite game.

The episode 2 season 6 part of Fortnite, the popular battle royale game, has started in recent weeks. The theme of primitiveness was the subject of Fortnite’s new season. Collaborating with various brands in other seasons, Fortnite is now working on the Horizon Zero Dawn partnership. New Horizon Zero Dawn themed costumes have emerged, which will be added to Fortnite.

One of the leading battle royale games Fortnite Fortnite, which previously brought the costumes of popular characters such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Cinematic Universe and John Wick to the game since the first day of the game, also brought the costumes of Marshmello, Travis Scott and the popular Twitch broadcaster Ninja. Fortnite has managed to make a name for itself in the game, whether it be the Travis Scott and Marshmello concerts or the TENET trailer.


In the last season, a modified map and a new primitive weapons crafting system were added to the game in the game Fortnite, which was introduced to the players with a primal theme called “Primal”. In the new Fortnite season, players can also hunt wild animals to improve their weapons and even craft special items for themselves. Apart from these innovations to the Fortnite game, it turned out that a famous game character suitable for the season will be added today.

Fortnite Horizon Zero Dawn Kostümü

The data miner named “ShiinaBR”, who made a name for himself with the correct leaks he gave before about the Fortnite game, has reached the existence of a new costume to be added to the game within the files of the new timed game mode to be added to the game. According to the description of the discovered game mode named “LEadAlloy LTM”, Lara Croft character in the new season battle ticket and Aloy character, which we are familiar with from the game of Horizon Zero Dawn, will be in the same team. With this mod, the new character that will come to Fortnite has also been announced.


Although it is not known how much the costume will be added for now, it is thought that it will be added to the game soon. Fortnite’s Episode 2 Season 6 will continue until June 19, 2021.

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