First Information on Apex Legends Season 9
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First Information on Apex Legends Season 9

Apex Legends continues to evolve with new updates. First information about Apex Legends Season 9 revealed

Apex Legends continues to evolve with new updates. The first information about Apex Legends Season 9 appeared.

Respawnbeloved game of Titanfall Apex Legends, which is a spin off game of the series but one of the successful examples of the battle royale game genre of recent times, is still one of the most favorite battle royale games of many players, although it is not what it was at the beginning. Especially in the game that Titanfall fans are tightly attached to, we have not seen the Titanfall elements obviously until now. However, Season 9, which will be the new season of Apex Legends game, will take the Titanfall game at its center. Although this detail has not been fully disclosed, the developers of the game shared the first information about the new season.

First Information on Apex Legends Season 9

The statement made by Chad Grenier, the director of the Apex Legends game, was enough to excite the Apex Legends players. Greiner explained: “I told some people before, if you’re a die-hard Titanfall fan, wait for the 9th season of Apex Legends. Because this season really great things are going to happen. “

Although there are rumors that a real Titan, which we cannot see in Apex Legends, will be released with the new season, this contradicts the previous statements of Respawn Entertainment, the producer of the game. With the balance of the in-game dynamics of the Apex Legends game, the level progress of the heroes and the duration of the matches, there was no point in coming robots to the game. For this reason, it is not possible to say that the Titans will come to the game.


At this point, we can say that the weapons in the Titanfall game can come to the game. Finally, there was no clear statement by EA about a new Titanfall game. EA stated that the new game is linked to Respawn on the subject. As it is known, Titanfall 2 game was appreciated by critics and gamers, although it did not reach the sales figures that EA expected. There may be other reasons for the Titanfall 2 game to sell very little, foremost among these reasons, EA’s release 1 week after its own game Battlefield 1 and a week after Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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