fastPay Wildcats No Possible to Exit the Group
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fastPay Wildcats No Possible to Exit the Group

At MSI 2021, fastPay Wildcats is no longer likely to leave the group. As Esporlab, we thank fastPay Wildcats for their efforts throughout the tournament.

FastPay Wildcats, our representative in MSI 2021 Group B, managed to defeat his group favorite Mad Lions in the previous game. Our representative did not have a win in his first three games, so he had to win all the matches played today. In the second match of the day when we had no luxury to lose, PCS representative faced PSG Talon.

Our representative, fastPay Wildcats, who could not start the game as he wanted, fell behind in the fight against individual errors, as in previous matches. Our representative, who did what he did best throughout the tournament and won the team competitions, managed to bring the gold difference to around two thousand in the middle game. Our representative, who did not give the opponent enough superiority to close the match, managed to transfer the resources to HolyPhoenix.

In the late game, a very bad error came from Farfetch. After losing the Baron buff, we lost the momentum of the game to the opponent as a result of the bad battle in the bottom lane. Having a stronger composition in the late game, the PSG Talon team closed the match after the battle they won in the mid lane.

With this result, our representative, fastPay Wildscats, who came in the case of 1G 4M, has no possibility of leaving the group. Although the result was not what we expected, we thank fastPay Wildcats for its success.

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