Epic Games MEGA 2021 Sale Started
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Epic Games MEGA 2021 Sale Started

Epic Games MEGA 2021 discounts, which players are eagerly waiting for, have started. Here are the games that are on sale.

Finally, the day the players were eagerly awaited, and new Epic Games discounts appeared on the calendar. Epic MEGA 2021 Discounts Event; It will continue for four weeks starting from today and has been welcomed with great happiness by the players with special PC offers, free secret games, 60 TL coupons after each purchase and perhaps the most important incredible discounts.

After each Epic Coupon used during the MEGA Sale, another coupon comes with a guarantee. 60 TL coupons will be valid for games of 79.90 TL and above. In this discount event, which will run between May 20 and June 17, if you have pre-ordered a game before, a partial refund will also be made to players. Regarding this, it is stated that Epic Games will also send e-mails.

Finally, you can get the Dark Mission on the Streets Pack for free by logging into Fortnite between May 20 and June 17 at 18:00 CET. New missions and items will be available in addition to the package.

What’s in Epic Games MEGA 2021 Discounts?

It is worth remembering that the coupons that will come before the discounts will come with the purchase of the games of 79.99 TL and above.

Oddworld Soulstorm – 20% discount to 63.20 TL

Splinter Cell – 75% off with 5.62 TL

Anno 2070 Complete Edition with 75% discount for 33.75 TL

RAGE 2 75% discount with 74.75 TL

STAR WARS Battlefront Ultimate Edition %75 indirimle 32.25 TL

Crysis Remastered with 50% discount for 66.99 TL

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 25% discount for 201.75 TL

Raji: An Ancient Epic with 50% discount for 29.50 TL

Assassin’s Creed II with 70% discount for 13.49 TL

Mafia: Definitive Edition with 40% discount at 155.40 TL

Death Stranding with 60% discount for 159.60 TL

Watch Dogs 75% off 38.50 TL

Disco Elysium 25% discount for 45.75 TL

Anno 1701 and 1404 History Editions with a 50% discount for 22.49 TL and 33.99 TL, respectively

Kingdom Come Deliverance with 66% discount for 17 TL

Assassin’s Creed Origins ve Assassin’s Creed Odyssey %75 indirimle 67.25 TL

Far Cry 5 85% off with 46.35 TL

The Division 2 with 70% discount 40.50 TL

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