Elon Musk Shares PUBG Trailer Featured by Tesla Vehicle
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Elon Musk Shares PUBG Trailer Featured by Tesla Vehicle

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX companies, shared a new PUBG Mobile trailer featuring Tesla’s latest vehicle, Cybertruck, on his Twitter account.

As it is known, Tesla and PUBG have recently partnered and announced that Tesla content will be added to the PUBG Mobile game. The first fruits of this partnership started to emerge.

Model Y and Cybertruck Coming to PUBG Mobile

In the video shared by Elon Musk, Cybertruck comes to the fore and is seen destroying a bomb with Tesla Model Y. With the new partnership, while Tesla’s big factory, Tesla GigaFactory, is added to the game, PUBG Mobile players are offered the opportunity to process and assemble on Model Y with the key task.

New Features for Players

The autopilot feature on Tesla Model Y is also coming to the game. With this feature, players can reach the places they marked on the map without using the vehicle.

PUBG Mobile is working on the PUBG New State game, while keeping the game updated with partnerships. The game, which will take place in 2052, will feature new technological weapons and an expanded map. The game, which will be much better in terms of graphics, is currently in beta.

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