EA Games Will Fight Offensive And Racist Content In FIFA 21!
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EA Games Will Fight Offensive And Racist Content In FIFA 21!

It has been announced that the offensive and racist content in EA Games FIFA 21 will be fought. Football fans

EA Games FIFA 21It has been announced that it will be fought against the aggressive and racist contents found in.

The FIFA 21 game, which football fans played with great pleasure, was filled with aggressive and racist content in recent days, which annoyed the community. These content created by far-right groups are reported and reported by other community members. Explaining that the reported content was carefully examined, EA Games stated that after such reports, warnings were made to more than 25,000 accounts. It is stated by the community that many players make racist and homophobic club names and statements in FIFA 21 especially in Pro Clubs mode.

The fact that these racist and right-marginal groups, which were previously organized on platforms such as Steam, are now using FIFA 21 for this purpose is considered to be alarming for the future of the community and societies.


In addition to the offensive, racist and homophobic content these groups write in the Pro Clubs mode, they organize with various things they write in the description sections. The use of FIFA 21, which is actually a game, for this purpose, is of course considered strange by many. As it is known, it was revealed that similar situations were experienced in the Steam Chat and lobby parts of the CS: GO game, which is one of the most popular games in the game world.

EA Games Announces FIFA 21!

Making a statement after this situation, EA Games, the producer of the FIFA 21 game, said, “Thanks to our new tools and solutions that will emerge in a short time, smarter monitoring and reduction of these experiences will be done.” said. EA Games players have http://ea.com/report They were asked to report on their address. Of course, the spreading of aggression and racism to the games recently is alarming and the use of these platforms for this purpose disturbs everyone.

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