Details of Irelia Update Coming to League of Legends Shared
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Details of Irelia Update Coming to League of Legends Shared

Details of the update that will come to Irelia, one of the heroes loved by League of Legends players, have been shared. The update is coming soon.

As it is known, League of Legends, one of the popular games of Riot Games, is constantly updated in order to maintain its popularity. Details of the Irelia update, which will come to the League of Legends game, have been shared.

Developers on Irelia: “Right now, Irelia’s situation is pretty complicated. Although he crushes everyone he encounters in the corridor, he falls to the bottom in the advanced stages of the game. The feel of his W is not very good. It’s so strong in the hands of the pros that everyone else has to play a champion with a very poor win rate. So we wanted to make the power curve more fluid, improve the feel of the kit a bit, and bring its strength down a bit in pro gaming.” made the statement.

The changes to be made in the update, which will come to all users in a short time, are as follows;

  • Stamina decreased in the early stages, increased in the later stages.
  • His passive can stack up to 4 stacks instead of 5 stacks.
  • Max passive damage and attack speed decreased in the early stages.
  • Q dash speed slightly decreased.
  • Q’s damage to minions scales with level.
  • W’s physical damage reduction scales with level.
  • W has magic damage reduction again (half the physical damage).
  • W damage increased significantly.
  • E blade movement duration fixed at 0.25 seconds.
  • Each R level reduces the base cooldown of his Q.

It should be noted that the changes to be made are not yet completed and these changes are currently being tested.

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