Date of New State of Play Event Announced
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Date of New State of Play Event Announced

The date that Sony will hold the new State of Play event for PlayStation since 2019 has been announced.

Japanese technology giant Sony, as it is known, is making serious investments in the PlayStation brand. One of these events of Sony, which organizes new events to keep the PlayStation brand constantly up to date, is State of Play events. The date when Sony’s new State of Play event, which has been held regularly since 2019, will be held has been announced. According to the statement, the new event will be held on July 8, 2021. “Indie and third party” games will be announced at the new event.

Although Sony stated that new details about PlayStation VR, God of War and Horizon Forbidden West will not be included in the new State of Play event, he underlined that new developments will be shared with the followers during the summer period. In addition to all these, Kaz Yamauchi, the producer of Gran Turismo, one of the popular games of PlayStation, announced that details about the new Gran Turismo game will be shared in his post.

The new State of Play event, which will be held by Sony on July 8, 2021, can be watched live on Twitch and YouTube. The event will start at 00:00 Turkish time.

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