CS: GO May 3, 2021 Update Notes Released
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CS: GO May 3, 2021 Update Notes Released

CS: GO May 3, 2021 update notes have been released. Broken Tooth Operation has ended with the new update. G

CS: GO May 3, 2021 update notes have been released. Broken Tooth Operation has ended with the new update.

Operation Broken Tooth, which met with CS: GO players in December of last year, ended with the CS: GO 3 May 2021 update. With the last update, as the operation comes to the end, the Snake Bite Case is coming to the game.

With the new update, as always, with bug fixes and fixes, while the Train map is extracted from the Active Task Group, the Ancient map is added. The published update notes are as follows;

CS: GO 3rd May 2021 Update Notes

[Kırık Diş Operasyonu]

Broken Tooth Operation is over. Players who do not use Operation stars will have until May 15 to claim operation rewards.

CS: GO 360 Statistics – A subscription service for players who want to keep collecting official Competitive and Companion statistics.

Premier Competition will continue to be available to all players with the pick / ban process in the entire Active Task Group map pool.

Remakes are still available and have been moved to War Games.

[Yılan Isırığı Kasası]

The Snake Bite Case has been added to the game, containing 17 weapon skins designed by the community and Broken Tooth Crate gloves as rare special items.


Chicken models have been visually improved.

Fixed community maps appearing black with textures as a result of previous security fixes.

The key can be reconnected to commands. If you used this key before, you will need to reconnect.

Additional security and stability improvements have been made.

Added an option to large community maps to shift the Boost Player Contrast feature beyond the far Z fog plane by setting fadeplayervisibilityfarz to “true” in info_map_parameters.


The Ancient map has been added to the Active Task Group and the Train has been removed from the Active Task Group.

The Grind and Mocha maps have been added to the Scrimmage, Normal and Deathmatch game modes, while the Apollo, Engage and Anubis maps have been removed.

Added to the official matchmaking in Wingman game mode, replacing Calavera and Pitstop, Elysion and Guard.


New route added from CT spawn to field A.

Extended T entry has been added to the left of the Mid.

A skylight opened in T tunnel was added to area A.

Extended arable bomb zone has been added in zone B.

The ledge opened in site A was added.

Various minor bug fixes have been made.


Fixed a clipping issue in the window in the T lobby.

One lamp is centered.


Interior lighting has been renewed.

Fixed delivery drones stuck in the lower right corner of the map.

Drone clips have been added to improve delivery drone navigation.

Fixed the issue where rare loot would appear in inaccessible areas / inside the terrain.

Fixed an uneven window in A.

Wooden balustrades in the frozen lake area were arranged.

The appearance of the ice texture has been improved when Shader Detail is set to Medium or lower.

Fixed missing face on wooden beam in town.

A sound effect has been added to the server room.

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