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What does Valorant HRTF audio feature, the popular FPS type game, mean? How do players know about this feature?

The popular FPS type game Valuing HRTF What does the voice feature mean? What kind of gain do players get with this feature?

HRTF audio technology has arrived with the Valorant 2.06 update. With this update, important improvements have been made for players who have sound in the game.

What Does Valorant HRTF Audio Feature Mean?

With the 2.06 update, the HRTF voice feature was made available to the players in order to have a better sound in the Valorant game. Players who open the HRFT feature will be able to get an environmental sound from their headphones and thus hear the place of their opponents much better.

What does valorant-hrtf-sound-feature mean?

The expansion of HRFT feature that comes to Valorant is called Head – Related Transfer Function. It can be called an audio technology that simulates the response of a headset to sounds coming from a point in space. HRTF audio technology emerges as a technology that helps you better determine the sound source in the game by turning the player’s headset into a 3D sound field in a sense.

Riot Games, the producer of the Valorant game, seems to continue developing the game thanks to this new feature. Thanks to HRTF technology, footsteps are active in rebirths. Developers are also recommending to disable other 3D audio processing applications while this feature is enabled for performance and quality.

You can access Riot Games’ Valorant 2.06 update notes by clicking this link. The new features we will bring to Riot Games’ Valorant are expected to appear in a short time. You can watch the HRTF feature that came with the latest update from the video below.

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