Control Game Is Free on Epic Games Store
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Control Game Is Free on Epic Games Store

Another important game has become free on the Epic Games Store, which is the most frequented spot for game lovers after Steam. Control game is free on Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store, as it is known, gives a free game every week. Epic Games Store, which has given games such as NBA 2K21 and Among Us for free in the past weeks, has been announced this week’s free game.

Control Game Free to Epic Game Store Users

The game that Epic Games Store gave for free this week was the Control game, which Remedy released in 2019. Epic Games Store users who add the game to their accounts will be able to play this game for free for life. You can click this link to add the game to your account for free.

You can add this game of Epic Games to your account until 17 June 17:59 and play for free for life. The games that will be distributed free of charge to Epic Games Store users next week are Hell is Other Demons and Ocercooked! declared as 2.

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