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China-Based Redmi Develops Game-Oriented Smartphone

China-based Redmi started the development of its game-oriented smartphone model. Here is Redmi’s game-driven flux

China-based Redmi started the development of its game-oriented smartphone model. Here is the first information about Redmi’s game-oriented smartphone model.

One of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers Redmihas been known to be working on a new smartphone model for a while. It turned out that Redmi’s new smartphone will be a game-oriented smartphone model. With the approach of Redmi’s announcement date, new details continue to emerge about the details of the smartphone model, which will be announced.

According to the information provided by the Digital Chat Station, which has made a name for itself with its correct leaks on smartphone models, Redmi’s game-oriented smartphone will be announced in mid or late April. As it is known, Redmi official Wang Teng Thomas | also pointed out a similar date range for the launch of the smartphone model.


Redmi Game Oriented Smartphone Features

Redmi’nin M2104K10C It was known that the code name of the smartphone model, which was developed specifically for players with a model number, was Ares (God of War in Greek Mythology). One of its competitors on the processor side Realme Neo GT We can say that the smartphone model that will come with the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor, as in the smartphone model, will show a very strong performance in this sense.

Despite being a game-oriented smartphone, it has a 64-megapixel resolution on the back of the model. Sony IMX686 It will have a quad camera setup that comes with the main sensor. Although its size is unknown, it has OLED display and 65W fast charging support 5.000 mAh The price of the smartphone model, which is said to come with a battery with a capacity, is expected to be between 300 and 380 dollars. Other features of the model are expected to be clarified in the coming days.

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