Cheat Codes to be Used in Valheim Game
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Cheat Codes to be Used in Valheim Game

Among the popular games of recent times is the Valheim game. It s Valheim, a survival game.

Among the popular games of recent times is the Valheim game. People who buy Valheim, a survival game, struggle to survive in the game. At the same time, they find the opportunity to explore during the struggle. Cheat Codes that can be used in Valheim Game, which is highly preferred by the players, have emerged. Thanks to these codes, it is possible to be more successful in exploration and survival. In addition, thanks to the codes, progress is made in the game and the items are recognized.

Useful Cheat Codes

There are multiple cheat codes developed for the Valheim game. Those who are curious about these codes and want to use them during the game can copy the codes.

The names and functions of the cheat codes that can be used for the game are as follows;

  • Killall (causes nearby enemies to be killed)
  • God (enables immortality mod to work)
  • Exploremap (makes the game map easier to explore)
  • Pos (allows to see the map position)
  • Freefly (helps to activate camera (free) mode)
  • Goto (allows the player to teleport to the coordinates entered)
  • Removedraps (removes items found on the floor)
  • Resetcharacter (performs value reset of player characters)

In addition to these, players can perform different actions by pressing the K, Z and B keys while on the creative mode. While the K key allows the enemies in the area to be killed, the Z key allows the character to fly, the B key allows the repairs of the items.

Cheat Codes to be Used in Valheim Game

Cheat Codes to be Used in Valheim Game

Commands Needed for the Server

In addition to the cheat codes that can be used during the game, the commands needed for the server have emerged. These codes include kick, unban, ban, help, info, ping and loadbias codes. The info code allows players to get information about the system, while the help code allows all commands to be listed.

What To Do To Run Cheat Codes

Those who want to run Valheim cheat codes need to make some adjustments to their games. Thanks to these settings, cheat codes are activated and can be used optionally. In order for the cheat codes to be activated, it is necessary to turn on the singleplayer mode first. It is not possible for the codes to work if the game mode is multiplayer. After the game is run in singleplayer mode, press the F5 key. Then a console is opened and imacheater is written to this console. After this process, cheats become active.

Adding Items to the Game Using Commands

Items are needed in Valheim game. It is possible to add the usable items by using the commands. For this, the name of the item, its quantity and level are written next to the word spawn.

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