Changed Discord Logo Here is Discord's New Logo
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Changed Discord Logo Here is Discord’s New Logo

The chat and messaging application that players frequently use has changed the Discord logo. Here is Discord’s new logo.

Discord, which has been on the agenda recently, continues to offer innovations to its users. On the sixth anniversary of its foundation, Discord appeared before its users with a new logo and new font. While Discord is getting a fresh start, it seems like most users want the old logo back.

Discord, one of the most popular communication applications, especially used by players and with the pandemic, announced its new logo for its sixth year. With the change, we see Clyde, the main element of the logo, more friendly. In the statement made by the developers, it is also stated that with a smile, Clyde has become even more cute. Below is a visual with other draft drawings made during the logo’s change process.

Discord developers announced that they agreed that the new color tone makes Discord bright and vibrant compared to its old design. Discord, which has switched to new logo design from now on, removed everything related to the old logo from all platforms in this sense. Users will be able to open Discord on the platforms they use and encounter the new logo.

It is wondered by many people how this change made by Discord, which has a large fan base and its user, has reacted by the users. According to comments from Discord users, users could not like the new logo. A survey conducted on the Reddit platform justifies this reaction of users.

Although many users on Reddit and Twitter find the change of the logo unprofessionally and make fun of the new logo, Discord is not expected to return from this decision.

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