Becoming a PUBG Mobile Sniper Rifle Master
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Becoming a PUBG Mobile Sniper Rifle Master

In the popular PUBG Mobile game, it is very important for the players to master the sniper rifle in order to achieve victory. In this article, we sought an answer to the question of how to become a sniper rifle master in PUBG Mobile.

Level 3 armor and helmets in PUBG Mobile are one of the most effective defense equipment that protects players from their opponents’ bullets. These equipment, which reduces the effect of almost every weapon, are unfortunately ineffective against sniper rifles.

PUBG Mobile, which is appreciated by the players with its realism, has many ways for players to improve their in-game skills. In general, the players dive into the game without knowing important and sensitive details and cannot reach the victory in a short time. We continue to prepare new guides for players who do not want to be affected by this situation. In this article, we have compiled ways to become a sniper rifle master in PUBG Mobile.

Becoming a Sniper Rifle Master in PUBG Mobile Game

Crosshair Settings

One of the sine qua non in an FPS game is for the players to adjust the crosshair settings in the best way possible. It may take some time for players to find their own Crosshair as each player’s gaming experience is different. If the crosshairs you have set in the game are good, the probability of killing your opponents in the game is also very high. One of the things players have to do is to match the size of the crosshair and its colors to the map it plays. As it is known, since the color of some vegetation overlaps with this crosshair color, players can make a completely blind shot that cannot see their own crosses. For this reason, the color choices of the players are very important. Players can develop their own crosshairs on the training ground.

Front and Protection

If you want to be the best sniper rifle player in PUBG Mobile, you must stay ahead of your opponents in front and protection in the game. You can analyze and see other players’ hotspots, hide in a spot that few people know, and start your own player hunt.

Always Aim To The Head

The most important way to win in the PUBG Mobile game is to aim the players at the head. This will disable most helmets. Sniper rifles are the only weapons in the game that can have a lethal effect on Tier 3 armor. The damage amounts of sniper rifles that can damage players in PUBG Mobile are as follows.

AWM : 132

M24: 82

Kar98k: 72

Finally Adjust Your Sensitivity

Adjusting their own sensitivity within the game will always ensure that they are a few steps ahead of their opponents. When these adjustments are made, players will have the opportunity to shoot with a sniper rifle much earlier than their opponents.

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