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Became Champion in BIG FunSpark ULTI Tournament

XANTARES ‘team won the BIG FunSpark ULTI Tournament. Successful CS: GO player achieves another championship

XANTARES ‘team won the BIG FunSpark ULTI Tournament. The successful CS: GO player has won another championship.

BIG, an esports organization based in Germany, managed to become the European champion of FunSpark ULTI 2020. One of the successful esports players of Turkey, our representative XANTARES, BIG, who is also in the squad, defeated the Extra Salt team 3-2 in the final match of the tournament and became the champion in the tournament as the winner of the grand prize. Although BIG started the game 2-0 behind, thanks to the stable and successful game he displayed, he managed to win the final match 3-2 and became the champion. Germany-based BIG, one of the successful CS: GO teams of recent years, managed to add another $ 150,000 to its case with this championship. With this championship, BIG has continued to maintain its successful performance in recent years. The Extra Salt team won $ 50,000 as the runner-up prize. The remaining ranking and prize sharing was as follows;

BIG (150.000 Dolar)

Extra Salt (50.000 Dolar)

FORCE (15,000 Dolar)

HAVU ($ 15,000)

Complexity (5000 Dolar)

Worth (5000 Dolar)

Evil Geniuses (5000 Dolar) ($ 5000)


The MVP of the tournament was Extra Salt team player Justin “FaNg” Coakley, who managed to make a name for himself throughout the tournament with his successful plays. The BIG team played the following games until the final game and eventually managed to become the champion.

Extra Salt – BIG (2-1) (dropped on Lower Bracket)

Evil Geniuses – BIG (0-2) (Lower Round 1)

Complexity – BIG (0-2) (Lower Yarı Final)

HAVU – BIG (0-2) (Lower Final)

forZe- BIG (0-2) (Consolidation Final)

Extra Salt – BIG (2-3) (Final Maçı)

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