BBL Esports Announces BBL Inhouse Cup Event
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BBL Esports Announces BBL Inhouse Cup Event

BBL Sports, one of the well-known teams of Twitch Turkey, announced the BBL Inhouse Cup event.

According to the announcement shared on the official Twitter account of BBL Esports, a new VALORANT tournament will be held very soon. Here are the teams that will compete in this event.

BBL Esports Inhouse Cup

The start date of the tournament was announced on Tuesday, May 11, as 21:00. The tournament will end on Sunday, May 16th. All the struggles of the tournament will be broadcast live on the Twitch channels of Ferit “Wtcn” Karakaya and Baran Kuş. The teams and matches that will participate in the tournament are as follows;

  • GOATZILLA vs WayDadey
  • MetropAli vs AiminOğulları
  • [email protected] vs PowerPuffGirls
  • HuzurEvi vs YeniCarry

Being one of the sports teams with the most fans in Turkey, BBL Esport’s Valorant tournament will be watched by many people and it looks like it will attract great attention. You can find all the details about the tournament on Esporlab.

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