Atari Plans To Make Games For PC And Consoles
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Atari Plans To Make Games For PC And Consoles

Atari, one of the well-established companies in the gaming industry, changed the plan. Atari Increment plans to produce games for PC and consoles.

We know how big a brand Atari, one of the oldest companies in the gaming industry, was at the time. Even though we don’t play games with Atari game consoles especially in our country, we played the NES console under the name Atari. Although Atari is far from its old days today, it still continues to exist in the gaming industry.

Atari Plans to Produce Games

According to the latest allegations, Atari is now planning to make games for consoles and PC instead of game consoles. In the meantime, it has previously announced that it plans to make free-to-play games for mobile devices along with the game console. It also focused on the metro side by releasing their new console, Atari VCS. It looks like Atari has already changed their minds.

gl.bizAccording to the news of Atari, Atari plans to produce games for the console and PC side, as well as for the mobile side. Wade J Rosen, Atari CEO, said in his statement, “Our goal when presenting any game is to create games that are accessible, fun and meaningful. This is the path that will connect the essence and history of Atari to the future. That’s why producing games for PC and consoles is what truly represents Atari’s DNA.” made the statement.

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