Ask Valorant - Released April 2021
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Ask Valorant – Released April 2021

The question and answer event run by Riot Games developers with Valorant followers, regularly dev

Riot Games developers Valuing The question and answer event that it conducts with its followers continues regularly. Released on April 15, 2021 Valorant’a Sor – In the Espor (April 2021) series, the most curious 5 questions We find very important answers from Riot Games and Valorant developers.

Valorant Question & Answer – April 15

Is it possible for you to explain how you determined the special quotas for the regions in Masters Reykjavik?

Alex Francois, Global Leader of Competition Operations for VALORANT EsportsIn its statement, it is stated that the 10-team international VALORANT LAN tournament was held in a shorter time than they anticipated. Due to the restriction in the number of teams, they first aimed for all 7 regions to take part in the first global event. Then in all regions; Investigations were made within the scope of players, ratings, esports infrastructure and team participation in regional VCT tournaments. For the remaining 3 teams as a result of these, EMEA, North America and Brazil stand out.

How were the interpreters of regional publications selected? Which reviewers can work in which regions?

Stefan Richardson, Senior Global Publishing Manager of Riot Games, He stated that they selected regional broadcast commentators from commentators located geographically close to the tournament to achieve better broadcast quality. In addition, Masters, together with representatives of all different regions, announced that they are considering a joint English broadcast in Reykjavik.

What is the insight behind the Masters point system this year?

Alex Francois, Global Leader of Competition Operations for VALORANT Esportsstated that they attach importance to rewarding consistent performances throughout the whole process for the purpose of the most competitive tournament. He stated that the closer to Champions, the more valuable the points in the tournaments and the more difficult it will be to win the Masters, according to the statement.

He stated that in the Master Scoring System created with this perspective, the rate of increase in scoring will gradually increase and the winning team will rise to Champions.

Can teams not currently participating in the VALORANT Champions Tour events also qualify to compete in the Champions tournament?

Kasra Jafroodi, Global Strategy Leader, VALORANT EsportsAccording to the answer given by; We understand that they are considering increasing regional opportunities for newcomers to Valorant. With the tournaments, players from the Middle East and North Africa will have a chance to qualify for the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier. In this way, players will have an opportunity for the Champions Tour.

When will VALORANT feature to include coaches?

VALORANT Esports Strategy Manager Riley YurkAccording to the statement made by; With the Valorant 2.08 patch, we learn that the coaches are included in the game. Yurk stated that they aim to increase the analysis of the coaches in the future. He also emphasized that they care about the coach-player relationship and that plans are made to improve this relationship.

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