Apex Legends Developer Respawn Is Developing A New Game
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Apex Legends Developer Respawn Is Developing A New Game

Apex Legends developer Respawn is working on a new game. Well come by Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developer Respawn is working on a new game. So what will be the type of game developed by Respawn Entertainment?

Respawn Entertainment, the developer of the Apex Legends game, which is the Battle Royale type game, continues to work on new games.

Respawn Entertainment, which is the developer of the games that players love Titanfall and Apex Legends, has recently attracted attention with the new season with cross-platform support coming to the Apex Legends game and its mobile version on the way. Respawn Entertainment studio is now working on a new game.

Apex Legends Developer Respawn Starts Developing A New IP

The news of this game developed by Respawn Entertainment was given by a developer who is also a Respawn Entertainment employee. Making a statement on his Twitter account, the developer announced that they are working on a new game and are looking for a new software developer.


In the statement, “Would you like to come early and help build an IP (new game series) from scratch? We are currently a five-person team and we are looking for our sixth (software developer) person. ” The developer, who gave his words, did not share the details of the game. The developer also said the new project is “exciting”.

Although Titanfall series fans are waiting for a new Titanfall game by Respawn Entertainment, it has been revealed with this statement that this game, which is currently under development, will not be included in the Titanfall series. According to the statement made, the company is working on a new series that has not been announced before. Despite this announcement, many choose to believe that Respawn Entertainment is developing the game Titanfall 3.

When Will The New Game Come?

The development of the new game has just begun, according to Respawn Entertainment’s complaint, and it is considered very difficult to announce this game in a short time. Although there is no clear statement about the release date yet, new details about the game are expected to be shared in the coming days. When we look at Respawn Entertainment’s past experiences, we can say that the game may be an FPS type.

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