Among Us Is Free on Epic Games Store
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Among Us Is Free on Epic Games Store

The game Among Us, which is one of the games that became popular with the coronavirus pandemic, was free on the Epic Games Store.

The game library that Epic Games announced as a competitor to Steam in the past years continues to win the appreciation of the players with the free games it gives to the Epic Games Store players. Epic Games Store, which has given the NBA 2K21 game, which is the favorite game of basketball lovers, for free in the past weeks, now gives another popular game to its users for free.

Among Us Is Free!

The Epic Games Store provides the game Among Us for free. According to the statement made by Epic Games, players who add the game to their library within the specified period will continue to play the game Among Us for free for life.

When we look at the big games provided by the Epic Games Store, which Epic Games announced as a competitor to Steam, it is seen that there are games such as NBA 2K21 and GTA V. In addition to these great games, Epic Games Store continues to offer many games that players play with great admiration, free of charge.

In this context, the game Among Us, which became popular with the pandemic period and provided players with a pleasant time, was free of charge on the Epic Games Store. Epic Games Store users were waiting for a big game like NBA 2K21 to be gifted this week, but this expectation of the players did not come true.

Although it does not have as high a price tag and popularity as the NBA 2K21 game, Among Us has a substantial player base. Players will be able to add the game Among Us to their libraries for free until June 3, 17:59 Turkish Time.

In addition to the Among Us game, it is also useful for players to take a look at the Epic Games Store discounts.

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