Amazon Prime Service Subscribers Announced
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Amazon Prime Service Subscribers Announced

The number of subscribers for my Amazon Prime service has been determined. Well Amazon Prime, which has many important advantages of Amazon

The number of subscribers for my Amazon Prime service has been determined. So how many people use Amazon’s Amazon Prime service, which has many important advantages?

The number of subscribers of Amazon Prime service, which is the subscription service of Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world, has been announced with the USA-based Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, announced the number of subscribers for Amazon Prime. According to the statement made by Bezos, the number of Prime’s subscribers has surpassed the 200 million threshold. There is an important issue to be aware of in this number of subscribers. Amazon Prime’s subscriber count also shows Amazon Prime Video’s subscriber count.

Number of Subscribers of Amazon Prime Service

Amazon Prime Video, which comes with Prime, surpasses 200 million subscribers, putting Amazon Prime Video right behind Netflix. This makes Prime Video the second most subscribed video streaming service in the world. With an Amazon Prime subscription, subscribers get some benefits in Amazon shopping, access to Amazon Gaming and Amazon Prime Video service. Although many subscribers in our country subscribe to Amazon Prime for Amazon Gaming service, we can see that users will start using Amazon Prime Video service with the addition of new content to Prime Video. In this sense, the fact that Prime Video has over 200 million subscribers is an important success for the future of the service.

We see that Amazon Prime Video, which has a very limited content library compared to competing video streaming services, gradually increases its content. Particularly Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time series are curious by subscribers. With these series going live, the library’s expansion can make the service unrivaled.

Bezos, who will leave his position as CEO in the third quarter of 2021, will be replaced by Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon Web Services. The price of the Amazon Prime service, which is free for the first month in our country, is 7.90 TL per month in the other months.

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