Amazon Opens New Game Studio In Montreal!
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Amazon Opens New Game Studio In Montreal!

Tech company Amazon has opened its new game studio in Montreal. So what will this studio develop? Many sects

Tech company Amazon has opened its new game studio in Montreal. So what will this studio develop?

Amazon, which is a company operating in many sectors, has entered the game industry as it is known. In the past months, Amazon completely canceled the development of the first AAA game, Crucible. If this cancellation was not enough, Amazon also postponed the multiplayer role-playing game New World in the same week. Today, Amazon announced a report showing that it is tightly clinging to the gaming industry.

Amazon Continues to Develop Games!

Amazon, which already has 3 game developer studios in Seattle, Orange County and San Diego, has now decided to open its fourth game studio. The location of the new studio that Amazon opened was Montreal. In the statement shared today, he stated that AAA games will be developed in this studio. Amazon Montreal studio has incorporated the developer core team behind Rainbow Six Siege.


According to the article shared on the subject, Luc Bouchard will serve as head of production at Amazon Montreal studio, Xavier Marquis creative director, Alexandre Remy product head and Romain Rimokh as content director. Amazon, which has backed this team in a game that has managed to attract more than 70 million players today, of course, will want to continue to achieve the same success.

Amazon also provided information on what players should expect from these studios in the future. Amazon also announced that the open-world MMO game New World will be released in August 2021, and that there are currently under development and not yet announced productions. Amazon has finally been looking for software developers and game artists to be taken to the Montreal studio, and to refer to the relevant areas. to this link stated that he could click.

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